Areca Palm


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I am such a common house plant that it is hard to believe that I was once an endangered species. Luckily my popularity has meant that I have been brought back from the brink of extinction. Boasting elegant evergreen leaves that shoot up from golden arches stems, I bring tropical vibes to any environment.


Light: I will thrive in brightly lit spot. Ideally from a south or west facing window. But too much direct light may turn my leaves yellow.

Watering: A native to the tropics, my soil likes to be lightly moist in the warmer months. Allow my top layer of soil to dry to touch in the winter.

Pro tip: High humidity is esstential if you want to keep me looking my best. I also hate sudden temperature changes so keep me away from cold windows and heat sources

*decorative pot not included*



*** Plants (like people) are living things and just like us no two plants are the same!  The pictures shown are examples of plants that have been sent to someone just like you :)  Whilst there may be some slight differences in size and shape, we do garuntee that our specially chosen plants will be of the freshest and highest quality.