Boston Fern | Nephrolepis


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Fancy the frilly greenery of a fern , but aren’t too keen on welcoming a diva into your home? Then I am for you! Bold and beautiful, I have rightly earned my reputation for being one of the easiest ferns to care for! Some call me an air-purifier disguised as a plant, use me to filter out harmful toxins in your home. 


Keep me in a shady spot in a bright room. I love humidity and would feel right at home in the bathroom or kitchen. Water me 1-2 times a week and I will be with you for many many years.

*decorative pot not included*



*** Plants (like people) are living things and just like us no two plants are the same!  The pictures shown are examples of plants that have been sent to someone just like you :)  Whilst there may be some slight differences in size and shape, we do garuntee that our specially chosen plants will be of the freshest and highest quality.