Parlour Palm | Chamaedorea Elegans


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The height of my popularity was in the victorian times, where people would commonly keep me in their best room in the house; the parlour (hence my common name). Since then I have kept myself in the lime light. I am one of the easiest members of my family to look after, which make me ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at keeping a palm alive.

Care for me

Light: I am super adaptable, so whilst I will do my best in a brightly lit spot, I can also tolerate low light.

For best results, give me a thorough drink when my top inch of soil is dry. I am relatively forgiving when it comes to watering and so it is better to under water me than over water me.


Height: 50cm
Pot Size: 17cm

*decorative pot not included*



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