Purple Shamrock | Oxalis Triangularis


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Commonly known as ' Purple Shamrock' i'm an easy way to brighten up your space. My distinctive purple leaves close at night before opening up again in the morning. Oh and did I mention that I am edible too.


Light: indirect, bright light is perfect for me.
Water: Water me when my top inch of soil becomes dry. I am pretty hardy though and can literally "come back from the dead" due to the way I retreat into their bulbs below the soil, waiting for a little water to bring me back to life.

Pot Size: 12cm
Height: 18cm

*decorative pot not included*



*** Plants (like people) are living things and just like us no two plants are the same!  The pictures shown are examples of plants that have been sent to someone just like you :)  Whilst there may be some slight differences in size and shape, we do guarantee that our specially chosen plants will be of the freshest and highest quality.