Snake Plant | Sanseveria Laurentii


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If you are looking for something virtually indestructible I am one of the toughest and most resilient house plants that you will find. I’m not bad looking either. My leaves are strong, and swordlike Put a few of us together for  a  sleek and structured display. Originally from the deserts of Africa and Asia I have a rich history in Folklore. In China I was kept at the entrance of homes because they believed that, I bestowed eight virtues on those who grew me. These being  long life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, poetry, health and strength.



You have to actively work to kill me.  Just try me. I will thrive in the darkest to the brightest of rooms. Water me when my soil is  completely dry. Although I can survive in most conditions I do best in bright light without direct sun



*** Plants (like people) are living things and just like us no two plants are the same!  The pictures shown are examples of plants that have been sent to someone just like you :)  Whilst there may be some slight differences in size and shape, we do guarantee that our specially chosen plants will be of the freshest and highest quality.