String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii


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Can you feel the love tonight (8) – My heart shaped trailing leaves have earned me the nickname ‘string of hearts’. Whilst I look delicate, I am as strong as a succulent and one of the easiest plants to keep alive.


I love sunlight keep me somewhere bright. I can tolerate direct light for a few hours of the day

Watering: Whilst I am not a full succulent I do store water in my stems so allow my soil to fully dry out between waterings in the winter when I am having a much needed rest. My roots are skinny and can easily get root rot.
In the summer keep me lightly moist.

Pro tip: Trim back my ends to keep me from looking straggly.

*decorative pot not included*


*** Plants (like people) are living things and just like us no two plants are the same!  The pictures shown are examples of plants that have been sent to someone just like you :)  Whilst there may be some slight differences in size and shape, we do guarantee that our specially chosen plants will be of the freshest and highest quality.